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All roster changes must be made by team managers online at our Roster Control Center, using the team's ID and PASSWORD.   ALL LETTERS in your password MUST BE CAPITALIZED. 

Once a roster change is made, the team may print a new roster certificate.


Provided the player is not already on another registered team, you simply add the player and all data required through the Roster Control Center. PLAYER DATA MUST BE ACCURATE.

 If you are adding a TWIN BROTHER, contact the National Office for assistance in adding the second twin brother.

PO Boxes may be used for players' addresses; you may not use Middle names or suffixes such as "Jr" or "IV")

Any inaccurate date of birth for any player can lead to disqualification of a team and player.

HANDWRITTEN PLAYERS ADDITIONS to your roster are ineligible.  Having ineligible players on your roster, in your dugout, or in a game will disqualify your team!  ALL players must be added through the Roster Control Center and you must present a current printed roster to the tournament director.

Any team using players who are not on your roster, nor on file in the Super Series office, will be disqualified and the team and manager will be indefinitely suspended from further participation. Ineligible player's participation will also result in a 1 Year suspension for such players.

If the player is on another registered roster, the system will not allow the player to be added to your team until he is dropped by his present team.  (See rules for exception in a World Series or National Championship)

NEW:   Teams can now have up to a total of FOUR (Maximum) higher classified players on their initial roster, and added to an existing roster.  If you have, or add, a total of five or more higher classified players, your TEAM classification will be elevated.  All player rosters can be monitored in our team centers.  Any minors players added to a Triple-A or Majors classified team immediately become classified the same as the team.  

No roster changes may be made DURING a tournament,  or AFTER the tournament begins.  You may not make roster changes until your participation in any tournament has concluded.  Penalty: DISQUALIFICATION.   You also must have a registered printed roster BEFORE the tournament begins and remit it to the event director upon arrival. You cannot allow a player to participate in an event and "add him later".


Occasionally, due to injuries or attrition, teams choose to re-register and form a new team.  To do this, you must e-mail the Super Series office from the SAME E-MAIL ADDRESS that appears on your registration, and request us to terminate your present roster/registration.  Be sure to include your team registration number in your e-mail.  Our office will then delete your present registration/roster.  This makes all players on your former roster "Free Agents."   They may then be added to your new registration, or another team's registered roster - provided the other team is of equal or higher classification.


If you choose to disband your team and release your players, the team manager must e-mail or fax the Super Series office giving us your team name, registration number, and password.   Your roster will be terminated and your players will be released.  At the end of each season, ALL PLAYERS are automatically released - and no notification is necessary.

ALL TEAMS, regardless of position of finish in any qualifying event, HAVE UNLIMITED roster changes provided:

1) Rosters are limited to 18 total players

2) If you add 5 or more higher classified players, your classification will be elevated.

3) You cannot add a players registered to another team in your age group unless the original team releases the player.

4) A player can be registered in two different age groups

5) You do not need to make specific insurance changes.  Any players added to your roster are automatically added to your insurance coverage.


Super Series rules require that all players on Triple-A and Minors Division teams come from within your state.   Occasionally, for border communities only, we grant border exemptions up to a 30 mile distance.  To add any out-of-state player, you must have a written border exemption from Super Series attached to your roster.  State of residence is determined by where the player last attended school.

To request a border exemption, you must make the request in writing (e-mail is acceptable) stating the location (city) of your team, name of your team, and the specific physical residential address of the player you wish to add.  You will receive a written reply from Super Series to your request.

For Major Division teams, you may add players from any state, and do not need border exemptions. 

All 15U, 16U, and 17-18U teams are automatically in the Majors Division - as we do not offer Triple-A or Minors Divisions in these age groups.


A copy of your current, printed Super Series registration/roster must be submitted to the tournament director prior to participation in every event.  Only those printed players on your roster will be permitted to participate - no handwritten additions will be allowed. You cannot allow a player, who is not on your roster to participate in any event.

All roster additions are date and time stamped.

Participation by a player not on your roster results in immediate disqualification from the tournament, and disqualification from Super Series for the remainder of the season.  

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