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Super Series Baseball offers league and tournament competition for the following age Divisions:

6u, 7u, 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u,
12u, 13u, 14u, 15u, 16u, and 17-18

Super Series Baseball of America® tournaments provide three distinct levels of competition in order to allow an opportunity for teams of varying skill levels so teams have a fair chance in being competitive in qualifying tournaments, and to earn a berth in our National Championships and World Series events.   Team classifications are initially based on the prior classifications of your players.  Once you have played in at least two qualifying events, your team statistics will determine any classification changes.

MAJORS Highest Level of Competition
TRIPLE-A Middle (Average) Level of Competition
MINORS Lowest Level of Competition


  When you initially register your team, you can add players from any classification you desire. You cannot add players who are already registered to another team in your age division.  Your initial team classification will be based on the prior classifications of the players you add.

Thereafter, any players you ADD (additions to your existing roster,) cannot be of a higher classification than your team classification unless you agree to elevate your classification to the same as the player you wish to add. 

(Rules state: 
Once your team is initially classified you cannot add a higher classified player to a lower classified team. Contact the National Office if you wish to elevate your team classification to allow the player addition.)


  After you have played in two Super Series qualifying events, our automatic classification system is activated.  Since baseball is a game based on statistics, your classification then can be adjusted based on your WINNING PERCENTAGE, RUNS ALLOWED, RUNS SCORED, TEAM RECORD, and/or RUN DIFFERENTIAL.

Team classifications could be elevated or lowered multiple times in a season based on your stats.  This is the fairest system to maintain justifiable team classifications.


Prior to all State and National Championships, your classification is manually reviewed by our national office.  We also check all entered team's classifications within other organizations as well. If we find your team is playing successfully in a higher division in another organization –  Super Series will elevate your team to the equivalent classification in our program as well.

If you reside in an area where qualifying tournaments are offered, and your team has not played, or played in less that the required number of qualifying events, your classification will be at the discretion of Super Series.

All "At-Large" team classifications will be assigned at the discretion of Super Series.

Super Series takes a strong stance to ensure games are competitive, and to minimize or eliminate run-rule shortened games.  Over-qualified team take the fun and competitive balance out of a tournament.  Super Series works diligently to ensure our organizational integrity, and to ensure teams are playing where they belong.

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