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If there are qualifiers in your region, all teams which have played in a minimum of one or more 2014 qualifiers are eligible to enter the Super Series State and Winter Championships.

If there are no qualifiers in your region you may request an at-large berth subject to the discretion of Super Series Baseball.  At-large teams' classification will be determined at the discretion of the Super Series national office.

Event Director:

Rick Stevens
Blue Diamond Tournaments
P.O. Box 806
Round Rock, Texas 78680
(512) 225-4000


Event Dates:

November 21-23, 2014
Triple Play Complex
3320 CR 111

Ages Included:

9U, 11U, 13U, 14U

SS Divisions

Triple A & Minors Only

Entry Fees:

9U =   $275.00
11U =   $325.00
13U-14U =   $375.00

Tourney Hotels:

Super Series Travel Center
Georgetown Hotel Savings!

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