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To Purchase Super Series Team Insurance
your team must first have a valid (current) 2018 (Current) Registration and Roster.

Your registered Super Series Roster specifies the players and coaches who are insured.

  If your team does not have a current Super Series team registration (and roster), coverage will not be provided, nor will claims be honored. You will be required to provide your valid (current season) team ID prior to purchasing insurance.

Only the manager, players and coaches listed on your valid Super Series team roster are covered by your insurance - and it is important that you keep your roster up to date through our  Roster Control Center  if you have roster changes.

    Our plan offers $1,000,000 in liability coverage with a $2,000,000 aggregate per event with no deductible. This policy protects your coaches and volunteers.  The coverage is provided for third party lawsuits of negligence brought against your team during practice, play or tournaments for Bodily Injury and Property Damage.  The plan will pay sums for which the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages because of:

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage

  • Participant Legal Liability

  • Premises and Operations

  • Personal and Advertising Injury

       Defense and Legal Fees are covered in addition to the policy limits provided.  Property owners can be provided certificates of insurance naming them as additionally insured, upon request, at no additional charge.  However, should they require their name on an endorsement, a separate fee will apply.

General Liability is provided by:
TUDOR Insurance, a member of the
Western World Insurance Group


        $100,000.00 Maximum Medical Benefit per Claim
        $10,000.00 Accidental Death/Dismemberment Benefit 
        per Claim

        $250.00 Deductible per Claim

     This policy covers all registered players, and registered coaches, against specific losses resulting directly and independently of all other causes, from accidental bodily injury sustained while participating as a member in a scheduled game, official tournament, or practice session, or while traveling directly to or from such game or practice session.

   Accidental Medical Expense Benefit pays for reasonable medical* expenses incurred as the result of injuries sustained in a covered accident up to the policy limits and subject to the deductible.  The policy covers necessary medical or surgical treatment, and services or supplies which are prescribed by the person's attending physician.  The first expense must be incurred within 26 weeks of the accident and the last expense within two years of the accident.

   Excess coverage is provided over and above other group blanket or franchise health insurance coverage;  other group hospital or medical services plans & pre-payment coverage; any coverage under labor management trustee or employee benefit organization plans; coverage under an governmental program; coverage required or provided by any statute & automobile reparations insurance (no fault) coverage.   Please note any amounts paid by another plan as defined above (or applicable state variation) cannot be used to satisfy any deductible under our policy.

   Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit pays $10,000 for an injury resulting from a covered accident resulting in loss of life; both hands or both feet;  or sight of both eyes; one hand and one foot; or hand or foot and sight of one eye.  Plan pays $5,000 for the loss of one hand; one foot; or the sight of one eye.  Loss must occur within 180 days of the accident.  If more than one loss is sustained, only one of the amounts, (the largest), will be payable.  Loss of hand or foot means severance through, or above wrist and ankle joint.  Loss of eye means entire and irrecoverable loss of sight.

   The provisions of the policies constitute the only agreement between the insured and the Insurance Companies.

   * "Reasonable medical expenses" means the amount of such expenses 
which are not in excess of the average charges made for medical or surgical treatment, services or supplies in the locality where it is received.

The excess accident coverage is provided by: 
The Hartford  Ins. Co. of Alpharetta, Ga.

This information is only for general information and none of the above shall alter or amend the wording of the actual policy.  The wording of the policy constitutes the agreement between the insured and the insurance company.

This coverage protects your team wherever you play,
or practice (as a team), including within other organizational events.

2018 Team Rates:
Coverage Period:

Coverage commences on date of purchase and extends thru December 31st, 2018.  Your insurance is valid provided you do NOT change your team name or the manager's name associated with your roster registration.  If either are changed, you will have to purchase new insurance.

TEAM AGE Reg Season
8U thru 12U $97.00
13U thru 15U $139.00
16U thru 18U $189.00

    $250.00 Deductible
No Refunds After Purchase
Insurance, once issued, cannot be cancelled
since the provider is legally bound to provide
the coverage as detailed in the issued team certificate. 

1)  You Must Have a Valid Super Series Team Registration to Purchase This Insurance

2) Then Click on Purchase Button (above or below)

3) If, after purchase, a team changes its team name, or manager, this is regarded as a new team, and requires a new insurance purchase.


With Your Visa or Mastercard Credit Card

Team Managers are LEGALLY REQUIRED required by insurance providers to have all parents, sign an insurance waiver form.  All managers are REQUIRED to then retain all of the signed waiver forms in your team records for a minimum of five years. 


This coverage expires at 12:00 A.M.
on January 1, 2019

No Refunds - No Cancellation
Insurance, once issued, cannot be cancelled
since the provider is legally bound to provide
the coverage as detailed in the issued team certificate. 

For More General Insurance Information
or additional copies of your team
insurance certificate please contact:

Bene-Marc Insurance
(800) 247-1734


To obtain a claim form, or to file a claim,
please contact our insurance administrator:

Bene-Marc Insurance


Our Insurance Program is Administered by:

Bene-Marc, Inc.
6301 Southwest Blvd, Suite 101
Fort Worth, Texas 76132-1063
800-247-1734 or 817-738-6899

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